July 19th 2019

Today the unthinkable happened and I completely nailed the latte art on both my morning and my afternoon coffee. (Yeah, this is going to be one of those blogs.)

The barista-grade coffee machines are the best part of working where I do (kidding, boss) and I’ve worked hard to teach myself how to use them properly. I also work hard to teach other people how to use them properly, but they frequently don’t ask, and don’t listen either. People think that with that kind of machine you can make a half decent cup of coffee with relatively low effort, and you can, but you can make a damn good cup of coffee if you do put the effort in.

Exhibit A:

I started my day with the flames emoji. (I almost went to the effort of inserting the actual flames emoji there, but I checked myself before I wrecked myself)

And then, exhibit B:

A fern looking thing.

Those were two of the best coffees I’ve made and I did them both in the same day, isn’t that something special? (I’m sorry you’re having to/choosing to indulge me in this, but I’m having an intentionally low-key weekend, so this is about all that happened on my Friday that was worth getting excited about)

Also, usually when I make coffee at work I have to make it for other people too, and because I am #so #selfless, I’ll always give myself the ugly duckling of the group of three or four coffees, and give the pretty looking ones to other people. Well today, barely anyone was in the office so I got to have the pretty ones all to myself.

Until tomorrow, what a time to be alive.


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