Jul 21st 2019

Today I made the most of my lazy Sunday and spent the whole day preparing lunches to take to work with me. And I bloody enjoyed doing it too.

I do try to take a pre-prepared lunch to work with me every day, and to do that I usually just over-prepare dinner the previous night and take the leftovers to work. But on occasions where I don’t eat at home, or I don’t leave enough, I’m left lunch-less, and end up having to buy food at work. This gets expensive and unhealthy.

So what I did today was cook enough food to feed me for a week, and put it in the freezer, ready to be grabbed whenever I’m short a lunch. I cooked so much food that I actually ran out of tupperware boxes in which to store it.

It was nice today, because I actually had time to be patient with the cooking, and you can really taste the difference that makes. For example, one of the meals I made was a Spag Bol (I know, really high-effort), and before I even started cooking the meat I spent fifteen minutes preparing the veg (celery, carrot, onion, garlic) with the food processor, and then let the veg sweat on a light heat by itself for half an hour.

Look how much veg there was:

I’ve found that at every stage of cooking a spag bol, the longer you leave it, the better it tastes. So I allowed my veg to sweat whilst I prepared a different dish. I basically have this default-sauce that I rely on for all kinds of meals, and adapt it based on what I want to serve it with. So I made that tomato-based sauce with chicken sausages.

Here’s a before and during for both of those dishes:

I left it as long as I could, but at some point I had to start thinking about actually eating some of the food I was making, and so I dished up some spag bol with a mixture of penne and fusilli. (That’s not sacrilege or an attempt to be fancy, it’s just because I’d cooked so much food that I was running out of pasta)

And so, I ended up with a dinner for tonight, and six meals for the freezer:

How organised is that? There’s three potions of *varying pasta* bolognese, and three portions of Latin Sauce Chicken Sausage Thing. I’m calling it that, for the first time ever, because it’s got roquitos and paprika and red wine and those are all flavours that I, perhaps incorrectly, associate with Latin cuisine.

Until tomorrow, I must buy more tupperware, or order more Chinese food.


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