July 22nd 2019

Today I wanted to say that I’ve officially started a new “exercise every day for 21 days” challenge, but I played football this evening and my feet are in a bad way, so it’s possible that I’ll have to stop my streak after one day.

There’s this trend going around Instagram called “100 Days Of Sweat” wherein, and get this, you sweat for 100 days. Or, more accurately and less grossly, you do some form of exercise every day for 100 days. Sweating all day every day would not be fun.

I’ve done a 21 consecutive day running challenge before. Back in like August(?) or something I challenged myself to run at least 5k every day for three weeks, and I did enjoy that, though my legs were pretty fucked at the end of it. So I don’t think I could extend that to 100 days. Nor do I think that would be wise. But I liked the idea of “do something” every day, because doing “something” is far better than “doing nothing”, as has been my habit recently.

But, again, 100 days is a commitment so I told myself to do 21 days and see how I feel after that.

As it turns out, I don’t feel great after one day.

I’ve written two recent blog posts, “Wars” and “Toe”, about the various injuries I’ve suffered to my feet over the last week, and today they have combined into one hot mess.

The blister that used to cover a quarter of my left sole now covers half of my left sole, and my suspected broken phalange (stop it) on my right foot is now, in my eyes, definitely at least fractured.

Football hurt today. My feet hurt. Walking hurts. I’m supposed to be playing football again tomorrow, but at this rate I don’t know that I’ll be able to manage it.

Until tomorrow, sorry that this blog was a bit all over the place.


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