July 23rd 2019

Today I went on a lunchtime nature walk instead of a lunchtime run. As previously described, my feet are too injured to run, but it’s 30 degrees out there so I wanted to be outside in my lunch break. My friend at work likes to go on nature walks around the local area, and he also raises his own caterpillars, and although I’ve mocked him for the latter, I decided to join him on the former.

We walked around Alney island — which is neither as vast nor as sophisticated as it sounds. Alney is on one of our common running routes, and so usually when I see it it’s a bit of a blur because I’m either A) running so fast or more likely B) not wearing my glasses. Because of this I very rarely see it up close, and so it’s ecology has been lost on me.

Mike showed me various types of flower, bush, and bramble, and the creatures that live amongst their foliage. Honestly, discovering nature in that way is not something that would ever usually interest me, but it was a refreshing change of pace, and it was nice to be outside. Plus it was nice to learn some stuff. For example, I learnt that if you rubbed your arm against the stem of one of the plants we saw (thats name has completely escaped me) it would remove all of your skin’s natural UV protection. It was 30 degrees outside so we made sure not to do that.

He also showed me various species of dragonfly, firebug, and butterfly. I’ve always liked butterflies because they remind me of my nan, so that was nice.

In a world of iPhones, Instagram, and constant digital stimuli, it was nice to just be out in the world, seeing it with my eyes rather than my i’s. (that word play worked better in my head)

Until tomorrow, look closely or you’ll miss the beauty.


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