July 25th 2019

Today I marked my triumphant return to running with a bang, and a crash, and a faceplant. I was so giddy to be out running, on this the hottest day of the year/century/planetary existence, that I decided to hop, skip and jump along this row of bollards. There were a row of them, guarding the pavement, each about a metre apart, and 30 centimetres in diameter, and I was feeling springy so I jumped hopped onto the first one, skipped onto the second one, and then slipped off the third one and fell on the floor in a heap.

My knee instantly started bleeding, but to be truthful I’m probably lucky that I did not lose a tooth. Because it definitely could’ve been worse. It should’ve been worse. I was told by the people I was running with, that my face was not far away from one of the boulders. So that could of been dangerous.

I was just so excited to be running again! It’s been so long and I’ve forgotten why I’ve stopped. I’ve not really forgotten, I know exactly why I stopped but I’ve forgotten how much I enjoyed running before I stopped.

It did also happen to be hotter than the surface of the sun (probably) outside today, which actually made it more enjoyable, weirdly.

I was having a great time before I faceplanted the floor, and it was only slightly less enjoyable afterwards.

Until tomorrow, my knee does hurt though.


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