July 30th 2019

Today I booked another holiday because it is unacceptable that I’ve not been out of the country for almost six weeks now. We’ve been talking about booking a golf holiday for ages, and today we finally found the time to sit down and get it sorted. We’re off to the Algarve! We’re going for a week in September, and the flights are all booked.

Usually I take a two-week beach holiday in September, but I think replacing that with a week-long golf holiday is just as good. The plan is to rent a car and play golf five times at various courses along the coast. We’ve booked a Qashqai for the week, and sorted the flights to Faro. So we’re an Airbnb away from having the holiday sorted.

We’ve actually been quite smart with how we’ve booked it, and it’ll work out a lot cheaper than if we just booked it through one of the golf package holiday companies, who get extra money from you wherever they can.

I’m excited. For a while I thought that it wasn’t going to happen, but we got on FaceTime, worked through it together, and now it’s all sorted.

Until tomorrow, to Faro we go.


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