August 30th 2019 Today I was all grown up and shit and cleaned and tidied the house. I used cleaning products that I’d never even seen before, I used a hoover, I used a fresh cloth, I did a load of washing and put it out on the lin—- SHIT. I FORGOT TO GET IT OFF THE LINE. Only joking. I didn’t forget to get it off the line, because I am a responsible adult who scrubbed a sink today. I was going to scrub the toilet but then I remembered that I’m not that kind of guy, so I … Continue reading Clean


August 29th 2019 Today was my last day in the office for almost two weeks, and tonight I went out for dinner for a mate’s birthday. I am in full on holiday mode already. I fly to Portugal on Saturday for a golf holiday, but I’m having tomorrow off work because I need to tidy the house. See, Mum and Dad are back from holiday on the same day that I am, so I need to make sure that the house is completely tidy for them. And so I’ve booked a day off work to do that. Also, I need … Continue reading Mode


August 26th 2019 Today I’ve put my head down for a mid-afternoon nap at 4pm and woken up 10 hours later. It’s 2am now. Last night I got a total of 2 hours of sleep on the cold wooden floor of my friend Josh’s bedroom in London, so I guess I’ve just made up for it. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go back to sleep now, but I’ll give it a go. Until tomorrow, that’s a proper power nap. Jacn Continue reading Nap


August 24th 2019 Today I’m down at least £70 on taxis to and from Brixton. I thought I had a discount code but evidently I didn’t. Luke’s taxi home only cost £18 so somehow I’ve been fucked over. It was like a 40 minute taxi ride to be fair. That’s a long way. And a long time. To begin with, the club, Phonox, was empty, but thankfully it filled out a bit past midnight. If not, we went a long way for no reason. Until tomorrow, it was full by the end. Jacn Continue reading Phonox