August 30th 2019 Today I was all grown up and shit and cleaned and tidied the house. I used cleaning products that I’d never even seen before, I used a hoover, I used a fresh cloth, I did a load of washing and put it out on the lin—- SHIT. I FORGOT TO GET IT OFF THE LINE. Only joking. I didn’t forget to get it off the line, because I am a responsible adult who scrubbed a sink today. I was going to scrub the toilet but then I remembered that I’m not that kind of guy, so I … Continue reading Clean


August 29th 2019 Today was my last day in the office for almost two weeks, and tonight I went out for dinner for a mate’s birthday. I am in full on holiday mode already. I fly to Portugal on Saturday for a golf holiday, but I’m having tomorrow off work because I need to tidy the house. See, Mum and Dad are back from holiday on the same day that I am, so I need to make sure that the house is completely tidy for them. And so I’ve booked a day off work to do that. Also, I need … Continue reading Mode


August 26th 2019 Today I’ve put my head down for a mid-afternoon nap at 4pm and woken up 10 hours later. It’s 2am now. Last night I got a total of 2 hours of sleep on the cold wooden floor of my friend Josh’s bedroom in London, so I guess I’ve just made up for it. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go back to sleep now, but I’ll give it a go. Until tomorrow, that’s a proper power nap. Jacn Continue reading Nap


August 24th 2019 Today I’m down at least £70 on taxis to and from Brixton. I thought I had a discount code but evidently I didn’t. Luke’s taxi home only cost £18 so somehow I’ve been fucked over. It was like a 40 minute taxi ride to be fair. That’s a long way. And a long time. To begin with, the club, Phonox, was empty, but thankfully it filled out a bit past midnight. If not, we went a long way for no reason. Until tomorrow, it was full by the end. Jacn Continue reading Phonox


August 23rd 2019 Today I had a nice quiet evening before a busy bank holiday weekend. Tomorrow I’m off to London for a big night out with some friends, which I’m sure will carry over well into Sunday. And then on Monday I’ll do what bank holidays were invented for and play golf. We’re splurging a bit and playing at the Celtic Manor, which will mean nothing to most of you but it’s a really nice course in Wales. My Monday will be a nice, wholesome game of golf with some Uni friends, but my Saturday will be a loud, … Continue reading Diverse


August 22nd 2019 Today I agreed to a 14 mile run around the Brecon beacons. This is ambitious because I’ve been on one run in the last two months, and that was yesterday. The Brecon run is in like 3 weeks, and it’s four days after I come back from a #lads #holiday so I’m hardly going to be prepared. Also, because the Brecon beacons are, like, mountains or some shit, there’s going to be a lot of elevation involved. It’s well over a 1000 metres of elevation all in. I am kinda looking forward to it though, if only … Continue reading Hike