August 2nd 2019

Today I’ve only gone and done it again. It’s become a bit of a Friday night tradition for me to cook a steak — and by that I mean I’ve done it two weeks in a row. And I’ve done it very, very well at that. Here’s a before and after of today’s effort:

Doesn’t that look amazing?

It was a big boy. I asked the butcher for a 10oz rump, and he looked confused because I guess he only works in grams. He said “Does that look about right to you?” because clearly he can tell that I am proficient in these matters (i’m not, I had to Google the conversion to figure out how much it should cost)

So it’s 10 ounces of rump, cooked medium rare, basted with garlic, butter, and thyme, served with watercress/rocket/spinach and fried halloumi. And it was banging. And it took ages to eat because it was so big. But that’s fine, because that just means the enjoyment lasts longer.

Until tomorrow, I’m liking this tradition.


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