August 6th 2019

Today I just about finalised one holiday, and started planning for another. I know! I’m a mess. But this is the life I choose to love, okay? (That was supposed to say ‘ choose to live’, but I like the typo so I’m keeping it)

As I said last week, next month I’m off to the Algarve for a golf week. I’ve been calling it a ‘golf weekend’ but we’re away from Saturday to Friday so that is definitively a golf week. Last week we’d only booked the flights, today we booked the accommodation and sorted out the golf courses we’ll be playing during said golf week. We’ll play 5 in total, with a day for travel either side.

Woo! Holiday!

The other trip I’m planning is not for a year, and not in any way near the stage of development as the golf week. My friend found out today that he got tickets to the European (football) Championships next year, so I unequivocally said I was ‘in’ without asking further questions.

As it turned out, he has tickets to a match in Copenhagen and a match in Bilbao on consecutive nights. (the matches are spread around the whole of Europe this time). I kind of jokingly said that we should find a way to go to both matches, because although that would be expensive and stupid, it would also be fucking awesome. It’s probably logistically impossible, but fuck it. That’s future me’s problem. Present me is just excited at the prospect.

Until tomorrow, this is the life I choose to love.


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