August 7th 2019

Today I really need to figure out another sauce to add to my arsenal. The array of sauces I am capable of cooking is limited to a pretty basic, though admittedly extremely tasty, tomato and red win based sauce that I occasionally adapt with a bit of spice, depending on what I’m cooking.

I am good at that sauce, and it does taste nice, it just gets a bit old having tomato sauce with everything. I tried to make a slightly different sauce tonight and completely fucked it up. I’d cooked up some sausages with caramelised onions and planned to serve it with long grain white rice, but I had to think of a sauce to serve with it.

I attempted a sauce that I was told about that contains butter, flour, and chicken stock — super simple, super easy, super tasty. On paper, at least.

I think I might have put the ingredients in in the wrong order, because what I ended up with did not look like a sauce or taste like a sauce. Or at least, not a sauce that I had any desire to eat. It was really thin, and I know that if I’d let it reduce more it would’ve thickened up, but it would’ve also made the flavours taste stronger, and the flavour was pretty bad in the first place so I decided that was a bad idea.

Well, that’s part of my problem. I don’t actually know if the flavours were bad, because i didn’t taste it. I have this weird stance of not tasting food while I’m cooking it, and with sauces that is a particularly bad plan because, as I’ve begun to learn, they’re all about iterative seasoning to taste.

So I don’t know that it tasted bad. But it didn’t look or smell great. And if two senses are off, the chances are a third one will be too. Right?

And so I ended up throwing that away and mixing a peppercorn sauce packet with some milk and dealing with that as my sauce. It was okay, actually, but I felt like I cheated.

So I spent the rest of the evening watching instructional YouTube videos about how to make sauce, and I’ve now got a better idea.

Until tomorrow, I will still fuck it up before I perfect it.


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