August 8th 2019

Today is another edition of my exploits in #PanSauce. I’ve recently (as in since yesterday) been attempting to learn how to cook a sauce that is not tomato and red wine based. And so today I made a sauce that was onion and red wine based. Because that is a huge deviation.

I used the leftover ‘fond’ from the pork chops (I’ve been watching a lot of American cooking instructionals on YouTube so that word may have an English alternative that I’m unaware of but ‘fond’ means the meaty juices baked onto the bottom of a pan after you’ve fried meat in it) and added a shallot to it. A shallot is an onion, right?

Then, to add the second half of my onion and red wine sauce, I deglazed the pan with red wine. To that, I added a couple of sprigs of fresh thyme because I’m a fancy motherfucker. Then I stirred in some melted butter and let the sauce reduce and thicken, and then mixed in the mushrooms I’d been cooking (in more butter) in a separate pan.

It didn’t smell fantastic — something about the mixture of butter and wine doesn’t sit right with my nostrils — but I committed to it and drizzled it on my pork chops and broccoli. I’d decided not to serve the dinner with a carb-based thing on the side, like rice or potatoes, but I later regretted that and mopped up the remaining sauce with a bagel because I didn’t have any bread. Don’t judge me.

The sauce was good. It went well with the pork. I’m glad I put mushrooms in it even though the American dude in the video didn’t suggest it.

Until tomorrow, I’m learning.


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