August 9th 2019

Today I did something completely uncharacteristic and woke up early enough to cook breakfast before I went to work. I kind of told myself last night that if I could get myself out of bed early enough I’d go downstairs and make a double egg and cheese bagel, and to help me achieve that I employed some tactical plug placement.

See, I’ve discovered that there there is a plug socket on the other side of my room. Well, not necessarily discovered it, because it’s the plug that my TV is plugged into, but I’ve realised that there’s a spare plug socket there and I’ve started to put my phone on charge in that one at night.

Having my phone across the other side of the room means I can’t stay up for an hour later than I should flicking through meaningless shit on my phone. It forces me to put my phone down and try to sleep properly. And for the last few days it’s worked.

It meant that I was able to get up early enough (literally like five minutes earlier, but baby steps…) to make a bagel before I drove to work.

That’s something I’d usually never do, and I really enjoyed it. It takes literally five minutes, and it’s completely conceivable that I can get an extra five minutes in the morning from somewhere.

Until tomorrow, sleep better.


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