August 11th 2019

Today I did that thing I do where I came home from a weekend in London and decided I wanted to live in London.

Bye everyone. See you soon. I’ll be back maybe sometime possibly who knows. Can someone come over and feed the fish while I’m gone? Thanks a lot. Also, make sure the house is nice and tidy because Mum and Dad will be back from their holiday soon.

My decision was reaffirmed in a glass elevator, in view of the entire city, somewhere between the 14th and 15th floors on the way up to a rooftop bar in St Paul’s.

This swayed me:

Can you see why?

Things are just bigger there. And louder. And now I’m back in Swindon and it’s small and it’s quiet. And there’s nothing to do, and nothing to see.

Until tomorrow, to quote Ed Sheeran, Take Me Back To London.


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