August 12th 2019

Today I gambled on a recipe and it paid off big time. I was trying to think of something new to cook because I’m getting a bit bored of making the same things every week, so I consulted my work friends for inspiration. Em suggested ‘lamb pitta pizza’, which intrigued me.

She described it as lamb mince, cumin and coriander fried then put on a pitta bread as the pizza base, then put into the oven with some halloumi on top. I liked the sound of that, but there was no lamb mince at the supermarket so I improvised and made something kinda sorta similar.

First, I replaced the lamb with steak, because that seemed like a fair trade to me. They had these Chimichurri flat iron steaks which I fried in oil, cut into strips and then put onto pitta breads lined with a tomato puree and oregano base. I topped the steaks with red chillies for heat and the green part of a spring onion for crunch, and sliced some halloumi on top.

10 minutes in an oven later, I garnished with parsley and pepper and devoured them both:

I feel like the combination of steak, halloumi and pizza probably shouldn’t have worked, but it absolutely did. It was amazing. A real mix of flavours and textures. The pitta was soft but crispy, the steak was juicy, the halloumi was that perfect rubbery texture that doesn’t sound great in words but tastes great in mouths. The chillis added a layer of heat. I’m not sure the spring onions really added anything but I wanted to put something green on there.

All in all, I’m quite happy with my execution as well as my invention, because I kind of just worked out the meal on the fly when the supermarket didn’t have lamb mince, and it turned into something beautiful.

Steak? Good. Halloumi? Good. Pizza? Good. Steak and halloumi pizza? Goooooooooood.

Until tomorrow, remember to oil your pittas.


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