August 13th 2019

Today is mostly going to be another blog about food — for which I apologise as there have been a lot of those lately (unless you’re here solely for food blogs in which case I don’t apologise and you’re welcome and stay put because I’ll get back to that in just a sec)

First though, a brief description of the most adult shopping trip of my life:

I did a food shop yesterday and was too hungry to piss about getting the household essentials that I needed to get, so I went back to the supermarket today and only bought household products. It made me a bit sad. I needed fabric softener, and shower gel, and a battery for the smoke alarm, and washing up liquid, scouring pads to wash up with (though I got home and found a fresh stack already under the sink)

It was a super depressing, super adult haul. But then I cooked a banging curry and cheered myself up.

Here, look:

It’s thai green curry with chicken thighs. Well, in that photo it’s just with ‘chicken thigh’, but after I was done taking #aesthetic photos of it looking all fancy and shit, I chucked another two chicken thighs on either side of the big ball of rice and chowed down.

Honestly, there was too much rice. The coffee cup I had to use to mould that perfectly shaped sticky rice was pretty huge, but it was the only one with the correct level of concaveness and depth. So I overloaded the plate with rice for the photo and then scraped some away for leftovers tomorrow.

Aside from looking great, it tasted great too. I am really, really enjoying cooking at the moment, and I think you can tell based on how much effort I put into making that dinner look pretty. It wasn’t even particularly hard, but it was enjoyable — making it, and eating it.

If you’re interested, the sauce is thai green curry paste (store bought because I don’t like cooking that much), coconut milk, lime juice, fish sauce, and caster sugar (trust me). The vegetables are green/red chillis for heat, mangetout/spring onion for crunch, a red sweet baby (/sweet baby red) pepper for colour, and mushroom because I had some in the fridge that needed using up.

Add the first four vegetables I said at the end after the sauce is finished cooking, and add the last two vegetables at the beginning after your chicken is fried and browned. With that being said, it might make more sense to rewrite the ordering in that last paragraph but I’m not going to.

Until tomorrow, pretentious presentation is optional.


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