August 15th 2019

Today I had a funny five minutes as a result of too much caffeine. Probably. Or maybe too much sugar. Or perhaps lack of fresh air. Or from starting at a screen too long. Either way, I was sat at my desk at work and felt a sudden wave of dizziness.

When asked, I described it as feeling like my vision started two centimetres in front of my eyes. I now think that probably makes it sound like I was high, but I was just dizzy.

I took a walk around the block to get some fresh air and took with my a pint of cold water. Walking down the street holding a pint glass probably looked weird, but I wasn’t too fussed. Fresh air and cold water helped, though it kind of made it feel like I was breathing for the first time and had to keep figuring out how to do it, and was surprised when the air was in my nostrils.

It was all very strange.

Fortunately, I then had a meeting for an hour, so I got to have a break from my computer screen, and sit there with a glass of water and recover. (whilst also contributing to the meeting in a meaningful and positive way, of course, he says, aware that one or both of his boss’ might read this)

(also, i’m fine by the way, he says, knowing his Mum will read this too)

Until tomorrow, caffeine, not even once.


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