August 16th 2019

Today I got halfway to work and had the sudden sinking feeling that I’d left the stove on. I’d made fried eggs for breakfast, and even though I was 100% sure that I had remembered to turn off the stove, as soon as that thought was in my mind I had to go back and check.

And so I did.

I turned round at the next available junction and drove all the way home. I knew that because I’d thought about it once, that if I didn’t go to check then I’d not be able to go the whole day without thinking about it again, and it would’ve just completely stressed me out. So I had to go back.

Relevant side note: we’ve got a chest freezer in the garage at our house, and growing up — and to be fair probably recently as well — if ever I was asked to get anything out of the freezer, I’d get back in the house with the loaf of bread or whatever, and my Dad would ask “Did you close the freezer lid?”. Every time. And even though I knew for sure that I’d closed the freezer lid, because he’d asked I’d suddenly doubt myself and I’d have to go back out and check. Invariably it would be closed. Maybe once was it not.

So yeah. As soon as I thought about the stove, I had to go and check. And it’s lucky I did because…

Well, no. I had remembered to turn it off. I got home, checked, and drove back to work. It was off. I knew it was off. I didn’t explicitly remember turning it off, but I am mostly in autopilot in the mornings and sometimes I get to work without really realising how I got there. So I’d turned it off in autopilot, which I guess is good, I just couldn’t remember.

Until tomorrow, I’m still glad I checked.


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