August 20th 2019

Today I got my car back from the garage and please answer me a question… does the bumper look a different colour to you?

Ignore the fact that I’ve lost the thing that covers my fuel cap, and focus on that join between the bumper and the bit of the car above the wheel where said lost fuel cap would’ve been. If you look closer to the wheel, it does look like it’s a different shade of blue, right?

When I picked it up the lady said “Do you want to check it?” and I didn’t so I said “I’ll take your word for it” but maybe in hindsight I should have checked it. Because I got to my Grandad’s later on and showed him my new bumper (weird flex but okay) and he said “It’s the wrong colour” and shit yeah it is, isn’t it?

But then you look towards the brake light and it almost looks the same colour, right? I know it’s a shitty picture because some of it is in the light and there’s also a reflection and the bodywork is curved anyway, but it might be a different colour.

Until tomorrow, it should be deep impact blue and I don’t know why I remember that.


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