August 26th 2019

Today I ticked a golf course off my Golf Course Bucket List™ by playing one of the Celtic Manor courses. (If you’re for any reason unaware – because why would you be – for the duration of this blog post, when you read the word ‘Celtic’ in your head you should pronounce it with a hard C)

We got a cracking bank holiday deal on Roman Road, which is probably the easiest of the three courses at Celtic Manor. There’s also the Montgomery and the Twenty-Ten, the latter named as such because it’s where the 2010 Ryder Cup was held. I’m sure it had a different name before that though.

Actually. I just Googled it and the course was specifically built to host the 2010 Ryder Cup and so is named as such for that exact reason.


Roman Road was not difficult. You can usually judge the difficulty of a course by the number of balls you lose, and I only lost one ball from a stupidly ambitious attempt at a stupidly ambitious shot that I am no way near capable of playing. That ball hit a tree. Other than that, my irons were true and my putting was good. I continued my new tactic of never hitting a driver, and instead played a 3 iron off the tee.

My steady, sturdy play meant my team won the match with 3 holes to play. I’ve turned the screw on the back nine with two pars at 12 and 13, and sank a 30 foot putt on 14 to put us 3 up with 4 to play, then we won 15 and took home (imaginary) gold.

It was nice to play well, because it is a nice course. I perhaps expected it to be harder, but like I said, we were playing the easiest of the three. I shot 90, which is respectable, but if we’d played the Twenty Ten I’d’ve been lucky to break 100.

Until tomorrow, it was good practice for our golf holiday next week.


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