August 27th 2019

Today I tried booking the courses for our golf holiday next week but was screwed over by the user interface of an online booking system. It’s ended up taking my payment (of a lot) and then telling me I’ve booked four different courses on the same day. Even though I definitely booked the tee times on separate days (I know this for sure because A) I obsessively checked my basket four times before clicking pay, and B) WHY THE FUCK WOULD I BOOK FOUR COURSES ON THE SAME DAY????)

The booking system processed the four orders on four different days as four orders on one day, and so, at present, I’m a grand down, but I’m trying not to get too worked up about it, because these things tend to work themselves out. I’ve sent some calmly worded emails to the pro shops, but it’s 10pm, so I’ll just phone them in the morning to change the dates. Simple. No stress. Ignore the shouty capital letters earlier.

I’m really looking forward to this holiday. I played good golf at a nice course in the UK yesterday, so imagine how good the golf will be at a really nice course in Portugal next week.

Until tomorrow, I just hope we’re there for a week, not a day.


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