September 30th 2019 Today I am writing this one handed because I can’t move my left arm. I’m almost certain my left shoulder is completely out of action now. I can’t rotate my shoulder without screeching in pain. I can’t take off a tshirt. I can’t unscrew the lid of the milk. I’m not doing well here. If when I wake up tomorrow morning I still can’t move it, I’ll think it’s finally time to go to the doctor about it. Until tomorrow, in the meantime, painkillers. Jacn Continue reading Rotate


September 29th 2019 Today was one of those lazy Sundays that I look forward to for weeks and then hate when it actually happens. I’ve been so busy recently, and I rarely have a day when I’m not doing something (woe is me and my super-populated social calendar, right?), so today was a rare break. I did nothing. I did not leave my pyjamas. I did not leave my house. I did not leave my bed for longer than maybe 30 minutes at a time. It’s gross, but I didn’t even shower. It’s Sunday, okay??? I’ve got a bad back, … Continue reading Lazy


September 27th 2019 Today I got drunk with my sister and her boyfriend and we played along with 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. I won both games, but the game is weighted in my favour. As mundane as it sounds, it was actually a super fun way to spend an evening. Who would have thought it? Until tomorrow, ‘inkblots’ was my personal highlight. Jacn Continue reading Countdown


September 26th 2019 Today I had a sick day. I woke up in pain, coughing, unable to move my neck and knew that I wouldn’t be going into work. Instead, I stayed horizontal for most of the day, occasionally checking email so I didn’t feel too bad about the whole thing. This is nothing new, but I hate being ill. And, as much as I love coming home from work and getting into bed, I hate being forced to be in bed all day. It got to 4pm and I was going mad from being confined to my bed all … Continue reading Horizontal


September 24th 2019 Today I did two whole bits of exercise in one single day. And I did another bit of exercise last night too. That’s three exercises in 24 hours and not a single beer. I am doing well. I played football last night, and tonight, and at lunchtime I went for a run. It’s nothing like the level of effort I used to put into exercising, but it felt good to be sweating. That sounds gross but you know what I mean. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether I’m not exercising because I’m sad or I’m sad because … Continue reading Sweating


September 23rd 2019 Today I got an angry text from my bank telling me that I need to put more money in my account, lest it fail to make it payments. September has been quite an extravagant month, and I’ve got to the very dregs of my current account. Hence the text. Since I last got paid, I’ve been on a week-long golf holiday to Portugal, spent 3 days in Brighton on a work trip*, spent my birthday weekend in London, and spent a lot of afternoons/evenings in pubs socialising. *almost everything I spent in Brighton was repaid to me … Continue reading Payments