September 1st 2019

Today we played the first round of our week long golf holiday in the Algarve. I lost. Fuck. For the front nine I was too distracted by the overwhelming joy of being on a golf holiday to actually play any decent golf. Also the views were pretty good:

The above is a screenshot from a video that someone took of that shot. The photo shows you how beautiful the course is. What the photo doesn’t show you is that I chunked the ball twenty yards onto the beach below. That was a bunker shot I was never going to get up and down from.

I also went into this lake:

But I did at least par this one:

Today’s round was at the Vale do Lobo resort, on the Royal course. It wasn’t a hard course, as it was quite short and forgiving, I just made it more difficult than it had to be due to the fact that I couldn’t hit a wedge to save my life.

Until tomorrow, we go again.


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