September 2nd 2019

Today I lost my second consecutive round of golf on this here golf holiday in Albufeira. today we were at Espiche. I’m really not okay with what is going on. Tomorrow should be an easy win, but I wanted to win three out of the five rounds we’re playing, and I have three left and zero wins.

If you’re good at maths you’ll realise that means I need to win three in a row. If you’re not good at maths you’ll also realise I need to win three in a row because it’s really not that hard.

I didn’t deserve to win today, but I felt like I could of. Which is a weird feeling because you feel both hard done by and robbed, while also feeling a tad lucky. Except I wasn’t lucky. I was unlucky. On multiple occasions.

But that’s golf. And golf continues tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, I need a win.


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