September 5th 2019

Today I won the final round of this golf holiday by chipping in for a par on the 16th of Vale de Pinta. Jake was on the green ready to putt for net par, and I’ve kind of nonchalantly chipped a ball on for my third short thinking I was already out of the hole.

When the ball dropped in the hole, I realised I was still in the hole. And then Jake missed his par putt and I’ve won the hole. Unbelievable scenes. That was the hole after birdieing 15 from a putt off the green too.

It really was a fantastic round to finish the holiday with, and I’m going home with two wins out of five games. I wanted three, but I’ll accept two if not only for the fact that it means Sam doesn’t go home having won five out of five.

I shot 85 today, which is 14 over and ties my best ever round when played with other people — I include that qualifier because I once shot +11 but I was by myself and thus cannot prove it to anyone but my conscience.

I suppose it’s inevitable that in playing five consecutive rounds of golf that you’ll end up improving by the end. And that’s what I did. Today I was better than yesterday. Yesterday’s first nine was better than Tuesday. And so on.

It’s been a great trip, with some great courses and great golf, and I’m happy to finish it with a win.

Until tomorrow, it should have been three out of five.


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