September 6th 2019

Today my holiday ended on a pretty sour note when RyanAir charged us £220 for late check in. Admittedly, it was all completely my fault because i should have checked in on the app in the 2-48 hours before our flight, but I forgot, and my mistake cost us £55 each.


My friends, as you can imagine, were not happy with me, but you live and learn. Annoyingly, both the check-in agent and her mate, the “you forgot to check-in” agent, seemed to take pleasure in our misfortune. I wonder how many times a day that happen. I know it happened to at least one other group on our flight because I overheard a woman raging at the check-in agent.

My logic is that there’s no point getting angry about it, because you’ll never change their minds. And anyway, these people don’t make the rules, they just follow them.

What we questioned (later on, between ourselves) was what if you’re an older person who doesn’t have a smart phone? that means that while you’re on holiday you have to find access to a computer with wifi and a printer and get your boarding passes. that doesn’t sound like a holiday.

Until tomorrow, it was a disappointing, bitter, expensive end to an otherwise fabulous trip


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