September 10th 2019

Today I’m really struggling to move my left arm. If the movement requires any rotation of the shoulder, I basically cannot do it. I’ve had a pain there for a few days, and it’s almost unbearable now. I think I somehow injured myself while napping, because I woke up mid-afternoon on Friday with a dead arm from it being locked underneath my torso and now, four days later, it’s completely fucked.

Has anyone ever been injured from napping before? I doubt it. Unless you nap while driving, I guess, but don’t do that, people.

I sleep on that side of my body too, so tonight I’m going to have to roll over and see if it’s manageable. No doubt I’ll roll over at some point and wake myself up from the searing pain shooting through my left shoulder.

Until tomorrow, I am not being dramatic, honest.


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