September 12th 2019

Today I had my training workshop on the first day of the marketing conference for which I am in Brighton. I found it quite useful, if not a bit warm. The air con was broken, you see.

There was an icebreaker bit of which I was not a fan, but when the audience did not participate during the audience participation section I threw the lecturer a bone and offered up my suggestion, which is ordinarily difficult for me, but, after all, part of the reason I’m here.

I feel like I learned a section of my job about which I was not previously an expert, which again was the reason I’m here. Though part of the reason I’m saying that is so that when my boss(es) check this blog tomorrow they are reassured that it was money well spent to send me here (it was, honest). The other part of the reason is because it’s true but that doesn’t make for an as interesting parenthetical.

At lunch, I even did some ‘networking’. I tried my best to sit at a table away from everyone else in the hotel — because it was lunch and lunch is a time for eating and not one for chatting — but a lovely northern Irish man sat opposite me and offered me a job. Though the job was in Northern Ireland, which is the main(ish) reason I said no. I’m not sure whether I was impressed or disappointed with the swiftness between “Hi is this seat taken” to “Hi do you want a job in Northern Ireland?”

Until tomorrow, no I’m good thanks.


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