September 15th 2019 Today I finished my post-holiday “I’m not drinking alcohol at all this week” detox by drinking for the last six days in a row. I made it through Monday, and then kind of accidentally did six days in a row, and on three of those occasions I was hammered, and on one of those occasions I was sick. So it was a good detox. To be honest, it was never really going to happen because I was always going to have a drink or twelve on a work trip to Brighton, so that was Wednesday Thursday and … Continue reading Detox


September 14th 2019 Today Jim asked me if I wanted to go to the pub spontaneously so I did because I did. It did not take much persuading at all because I no longer take any persuading at all. It’s just.. would you like to? Yes. He came to pick me up. We went to get Oli.e and Oli went to get his Dad and his brother and it got more lit than I’d imagined. Until tomorrow, It was mad at the blunny. Jacn Continue reading Blunny