September 15th 2019

Today I finished my post-holiday “I’m not drinking alcohol at all this week” detox by drinking for the last six days in a row. I made it through Monday, and then kind of accidentally did six days in a row, and on three of those occasions I was hammered, and on one of those occasions I was sick.

So it was a good detox.

To be honest, it was never really going to happen because I was always going to have a drink or twelve on a work trip to Brighton, so that was Wednesday Thursday and Friday covered. On Tuesday my boss insisted we go to the pub for a retrospective, and I was only following orders. Then Saturday and Sunday are the weekend and it’s fine to drink on the weekends.

I’m aware that all of this makes me sound like a raging alcoholic, but really it’s just coincidence. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and there’s always been something to say ‘yes’ to. I’m not great at saying ‘no’, so inevitably I end up saying ‘yes’, and here we are.

I was almost about to commit to having the next week off instead, but then I remembered that I’ve agreed to go for a drink with a friend tomorrow night, and then I’m in London for my birthday weekend from Friday. So instead I’ll just do my best not to accidentally agree to go drinking on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Until tomorrow, is ‘Dry October’ a thing?


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