September 16th 2019

Today was a completely bizarre day for exactly four reasons. One of them I probably cannot tell you about, one of them I definitely cannot tell you about, one of them I’m definitely not going to tell you about, and the other one I’ll bring up in a minute.

I know deliberately censoring information kind of goes against the point of having this blog, because it’s supposed to be a documentation of things that happened in my day, but these things aren’t my things to talk about, so I can’t and I won’t. Well, two of them I can’t, one of them I won’t, and the other one is sleep paralysis.

I had it for the second time in my life last night, and it’s a weird thing. Because you’re awake but asleep and you can’t move at all. Super trippy. I woke up at 4am and kind of knew I wasn’t going to get back to sleep, so I messed around on my phone for an hour (mistake) and when I attempted to try again I had a brief bout of sleep paralysis. It was less weird this time because I knew what it was, so I could actively think “oh, this again”, whereas the first time it was more creepy.

(note to Mum: don’t worry, it’s a completely normal thing that can happen to anyone after busy periods with irregular sleeping patterns such as my last two weeks)

You’re kind of stuck in a point between being asleep and being awake, without being able to fully commit to one or the other. You’re not dreaming, but it kind of feels like you are. You’re not awake, but it kind of feels like you are. It’s weird. I wouldn’t recommend it.

To be honest, the rest of today would’ve made much more sense if it turned out I was actually dreaming for the whole day, but I’ve just pinched myself and, yep, it happened.

Until tomorrow, let me sleep properly tonight.


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