September 17th 2019

Today I sat in the car and ranted to the Notes app on my phone about all the things I wish I could get away with saying at work to the people who need to hear it. It was expectedly cathartic. I find that I get oddly eloquent and more precise with my language use when I’m writing whilst angry. It actually improves my ability as a writer. When speaking aloud whilst angry, it’s just a lot of ‘fucking’.

Later, I cooked dinner for myself for the first time in like three weeks. A combination of me being away on holiday and my Mum being back from holiday has made cooking unnecessary. For a while, I’d begun to enjoy my routine. Now though, my routine is disturbed and I’ve not needed to cook. I’m not complaining, though.

Earlier, I went for a run again. Other than once last week, it’s been a while. It felt good. It didn’t feel difficult. It was just nice to be out and doing it for the enjoyment rather than anything else.

Until tomorrow, I need to ease back into some kind of routine.


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