September 18th 2019

Today? Nothing really. Nothing much to say. I should probably stop this daily blogging thing because they’re no longer fun for me to write, or fun for you to read. And you do still read. I can see that you still read, though I’m not sure why.

There was a solid 2-3 year period in the middle of the five years that I’ve ran this daily blog where each day would have a new blog of 500 words with 3 photos attached. Now you’re lucky to get 100, and you’re rarely getting photos.

For a while it triggered me that if you scrolled through the homepage there would be a few sole blog posts with missing featured images, now the minority are the ones that do have featured images.

I used to tag and categorise these posts so that new readers could find them through the WordPress homepage/dashboard/search thing. I don’t anymore. But there’s still like 500 people reading each month. Which is cool. I’m sorry that the entertainment levels have dropped.

Weirdly, I feel like I’m busier now than I’ve been in a long time. I’ve committed to my social life and I’m always doing something — going out, on holiday, seeing friends — and there’s a lot going on at work. So you’d think that would give me more to talk about. And it probably does, but it also means I’m far too tired to even try (and also probably a little too depressed).

We, as in me and ‘the blog’, both know that by now we are just going through the motions: stretching our relationship thin and hanging on to what little thread remains. Yes, I’ve just described it as a relationship, but you get my point.

Related sidenote: I’ve just gone to check whether I’ve used the word ‘nothing’ as a title for a blog post yet (I never use the same word twice, you may have noticed) and found a relic from the (formerly archives:

March 2015 is three months into this daily diary project, and the content of that blog is basically the same as in this one: Me moaning about having nothing to say. A recurring theme over the years, it seems. I guess eventually I always find my words again.

Will I this time?

Until tomorrow, I dunno, we’ll see.


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