September 23rd 2019

Today I got an angry text from my bank telling me that I need to put more money in my account, lest it fail to make it payments. September has been quite an extravagant month, and I’ve got to the very dregs of my current account. Hence the text.

Since I last got paid, I’ve been on a week-long golf holiday to Portugal, spent 3 days in Brighton on a work trip*, spent my birthday weekend in London, and spent a lot of afternoons/evenings in pubs socialising.

*almost everything I spent in Brighton was repaid to me through expenses, apart from a couple of rounds of drinks that I decided not to claim for.

It’s been a busy month, and I’ve really focused on socialising as much as I can. That’s come at a cost, though. That said, I am still living within my means, because at the very start of the month I chucked a decent wedge into my savings account, and anything left over is for play. And play I have.

Too much, maybe. Definitely. I think in October I will calm it down a bit. Socialise less, go out less, spend less, and drink less. For both the health of my self and of my bank account. That also said, I already have at least one trip to London planned in October. Fuck sake.

Oh well. Life would be hard(er) without things to look forward to. That’s kind of how I’ve always played these things.

Until tomorrow, how about a month with no holidays?


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