September 28th 2019

Today I went to see Ant Middleton’s Mind Over Muscle tour. I’d never heard of the guy before a week ago, but my friend had a spare ticket and no one to go with so I said I’d go along to keep him company.

Apparently, Ant Middleton is this ex-SAS guy who does a load of different telly shows about that kind of thing. That kind of thing is not my kind of thing, and so I was not familiar with his work, however I did quite enjoy his show.

It was a one-man lecture, accompanied by clips from his various shows, about overcoming boundaries by pushing yourself mentally, rather than physically. It was something a bit different, and gave me some things to think about, and it echoed a lot of the kind of sentiments I have about the subjects.

I’m a runner, now and then, for example. And I always describe running as like 70% mental fitness and 30% physical fitness. Running is about finding out what you are capable of, and then pushing that limit. And that limit is not physical, it’s mental. You can’t do an extra mile because you think you can’t do an extra mile. It’s your mind telling you you can’t, not your body.

That sort of thing is what Ant Middleton tried to help the audience overcome in his show. Some of the show was quite contrived, and cliched, but he did have some interesting stories, and an inspiring viewpoint on life.

Last year he summited Everest, and, although he’s a physical specimen, he credits his mind for that, and not his muscle. He repeatedly pushes the limit of what he thinks he’s capable of, which allows him to gradually do more and more.

His mantra was “exposure, and repetition”. Expose yourself to what makes you scared, or uncomfortable, and do it repeatedly. Push yourself a little further each time. “You’ll fail, but just get back up and try again” — that kind of thing.

Until tomorrow, exposure, and repetition.


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