October 3rd 2019

Today, after swearing to myself that October was going to be a month of frugality and savings, I’ve ended up spending £100 on food in the space of 24 hours. I went out for dinner last night, went to the pub for lunch today, and then went out for dinner again tonight. I’m also going to the pub tomorrow night.

I know I should be more conservative, and responsible and, well, boring, but here’s the thing…

I love it.

I was thinking about that first paragraph on my drive to dinner, and I was thinking how I should be more of, well, everything I said in the second paragraph, but then I had one last thought. And it was the thing in the third paragraph. And in the next one, actually.

I love it.

Life is actually pretty good. I’ve got a really decent group of mates. A couple decent groups of mates, actually, and I like spending time with them. And when one of them, any of them, says ‘pub?’ I immediately grab my coat and my wallet.

And yeah, I should maybe think about tomorrow a bit more, but I’m quite enjoying today.

Until tomorrow, though I’m sure I’ll enjoy tomorrow too.


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