October 6th 2019

Today I spent my Sunday morning walking around a field with 50 sausage dogs. It was a great morning. That is definitely a great way to spend a morning. And I had a coffee with me.

My friend is part of a local sausage dog group for people with sausage dogs, and every now and again they convene for a walk. This time I tagged along. There were loads of doggos and I was in my element.

Also, no one tried to talk to us, which is great. The bad thing I’ve discovered about having a dog, vicariously through people I know who have dogs, is that everyone tries to talk to you. But we managed to get through the whole walk without anyone trying to talk to us.

Other than one guy who wasn’t part of the sausage gang but started telling me about the jungle in Vietnam and how he carried a shotgun, but he was a crazy person so he doesn’t count.

Archie, the sausage I was with, did his best to impregnate as many girls as he could, but we didn’t let him. Because they were not worthy.

At one point the ring leader of the sausages (probably a pun worth making in there somewhere but I cba to look for it) gathered us for a team photo. And I felt like a bit of an outsider because I don’t actually own a sausage dog, I just know people who do. Nevertheless, I was front and centre in the team photo.

Until tomorrow, now that’s what I call a squad.


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