October 9th 2019

Today I’m in London for an exhibition that happens tomorrow. But I came up today because my boss couldn’t come. We’ll be honest and say that part of the reason I’m here is because I want to be here more than he does, so if there was a paid ticket going spare it made sense for it to be mine, right?

Anyway, I originally arranged to meet some friends in St Paul’s tonight but I ended up on a boat instead. It was a yacht, actually. We had a few on the deck but got cold, so had a few inside instead. Inside there were a handful of people who I wish I could get away with stabbing in the eye with a fork, so we all moved to some sofas upstairs and relaxed for a few.

And then a few more.

Eventually, we left the yacht and walked back to our hotels.

Until tomorrow, welcome to the Moxy.


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