October 12th 2019

Today we completed Leicester on the day we started it. Andy has lived in Leicester for six months, and we hadn’t been to visit him yet. Before that he lived in Coventry for two years and we didn’t go to visit him either.

So this weekend, we came to Leicester and completed it.

I was really unsure of what Leicester would have to offer us on a night out, but it delivered. And I don’t even mind that it cost us £50 each to get in.

We went to the ‘Foreverland Psychedelic Carnival’ at the o2. Basically, we just googled ‘stuff to do in Leicester tonight’ and clicked the first thing. Shoutout google.

We bought tickets on ticketmaster, but when we got to the door the tickets were invalid for some reason, so we had to pay again. It was ticketmaster’s fault, not the venue’s, and we wanted to go in, so we just paid the entrance fee again.

And I’m glad we did. Because it was an amazing night, with two of my favourite people.

What I love most about these boys is that we’re just a decent bunch of lads. We’re not out looking for drama or trouble, we just want to enjoy our night together, because we don’t get to have them very often.

Until tomorrow, I’m glad we had tonight.


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