October 15th 2019

Today I completed a game of Monopoly for probably the first time since I was probably six. Monopoly is one of those board games that is a good idea to start and not a good idea to finish.

At the beginning everyone is jolly and spaffing cash on properties, but then towards the end you’re resenting having to give over $18 in rent for landing on Strand for the third time in three rotations of the board.

Also, it took me over 20 turns to get out of jail. I think there’s probably a limit to how many turns you have to sit in jail for, but we didn’t play to one. We kind of played to our own rules, to be fair. We didn’t use houses/hotels, because the board in the pub we were in only had 12, and that didn’t seem like many. We also only had one di(c?)e but we rolled it twi(c!)e. There was also no trading, and the winner was decided by counting up the value of your properties after the last property was purchased.

I don’t think those were the rules, but that’s how we played it.

Until tomorrow, naturally, I won.


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