October 18th 2019

Today I had that awkward moment of my card getting declined because there wasn’t enough money on it. Woops. I was getting a round of drinks in, and it was declined, and the waiter give me the look that I gave people when I was a waiter and their card was declined. Disappointment and judgement.

I’d kind of forgotten about a couple of payments, and I’m still owed £300 in expenses from my work trip to London last week, and long story short there wasn’t enough money on the card. In the moment I worked it out in my head, and decided against blaming the card machine.

Instead, I panickedly loaded my internet banking app in order to transfer some money to my current account. Except I didn’t have any 4G in the pub. And it wouldn’t load. So then I had to try to connect to their wifi in order to transfer money.

But to log in to the wifi I needed to connect with Facebook, and I have no idea what my Facebook password is so I just stood there like a fool for a couple more minutes (seconds) while I figured out how to log in without Facebook.

Eventually, I logged in via Facebook, transferred some money into the appropriate account and paid my drink tab. I walked away feeling like an absolute chump, I won’t lie.

Until tomorrow, sorry sir but it’s been declined.


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