October 19th 2019

Today I travelled to Somerset to celebrate the Vandervell-Thomas wedding. It’s only like the third wedding I’ve ever been to in my living memory, as opposed to my dying memory, and it’s definitely in my top three.

Everyone just seemed so happy. The vicar carried the ceremony, and then we carried on after he’d left. There were not many empty trays as the workers brought round the canapés – which, I learnt, only count if you can put them in your mouth at once.

Also, as you may have been able to tell had it not been for suggested texting, I got super drunk on free wine and Prosecco.

Apparently I like Prosecco. Especially when its free.

I demolished dinner, then snacked on dessert, because I was AWOL.

The wedding was beautiful. Every little bit. From the ceremony to the vows to everything after.

Until tomorrow, happy wedding to the VTs.


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