October 20th 2019

Today I had a super sophisticated dinner party that turned increasingly less sophisticated as more and more wine was consumed. I’m apparently now at the age where I have wine-accompanied dinner parties on a Sunday evening. I was drinking strictly water though because I was A) designated driver and B) hungover from last night.

My friend and his girlfriend (but mainly him) cooked a full-on roast chicken with all the trimmings for the six of us. In the seven years I’ve known him the only thing I’ve seen him cook is tortellini with ketchup, but to be fair to him he put together a very decent roast dinner. Cauliflower cheese was a nice touch too. And red cabbage.

So this is life at 26. Dinner parties, roast dinners, red wine (because Jim thought Josh was cooking beef). We’re officially old people. Round me up and I’m 30. Brad and Zoe couldn’t make it because they’re having an issue with their mortgage broker. That’s the kind of weekends we have now, apparently.

That said, after we finished dessert (Josh and Han even baked brownies for fuck sake) we did start playing drinking games (again mine was with water) and everybody got a little bit drunk and a little bit shouty when the games started getting heated.

So at least we can still have the best of both worlds, and still have a good time AND be sophisticated adults.

Until tomorrow, somewhat sophisticated, at least.


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