October 22nd 2019

Today I took the Mickey Mouse keyring off my car keys. It would have been on there for exactly 4 years this Hallowe’en, so in, like, 9 days time. I bought it from the gift shop at Disneyland Paris on the last day of the European interrailing tour I took with my ex-girlfriend the summer after we graduated University.

My Mickey keyring is only actually half of the keyring. My ex had the other half. Her’s was Minnie, and they both held magnets in their gloves so you could join them together and make them hold hands. It was cute.

Tragically, over the years Mickey slowly lost parts of his body. He lost both his legs, both his ears, both of his eyes, and his entire right arm – that was the one that connected him to Minnie via magnet. Call it poetic irony, or foreshadowing. Take your pick.

My ex and I broke up over a year ago, so I probably should’ve taken the keyring off before now. I didn’t keep it out of sentiment, or remembrance, or anything like that. It was more just… well it’s just always been there.

I wouldn’t like to attribute any unnecessary significance to a keyring, but it is probably about time I got rid of it. I kind of just hadn’t thought about it until today when a girl asked me where I got it. I lied and said my sister bought me it, because it was easier than explaining the truth. To be fair, it is partly true because I’m almost sure my sister and her boyfriend husband have the same keyring, because it was from her that I got the idea.

I might have made that up. Genine, correct me if I’m wrong. I might’ve just been distracted by my lie.

Mickey had a good run, but he’s been put into retirement now. Four years is a decent innings. I’ve just checked the blog post I wrote from the day I bought the keyring, and it seems like a different world. It’s here, if you fancy it. Also, there’s a comment from my Nan below it that says “See you both soon”, and seeing that has made Mickey’s send-off even more emotional.

Until tomorrow, I wonder how Minnie is doing.


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