October 25th 2019

Today I decided that I’m going to New Zealand for three weeks in February. In three weeks time my mate Jim is heading to New Zealand to go travelling for 3/4 months, and I’ve decided to join him for at least a little while. Three weeks seems a decent amount of time to get all the way over there, come all the way back, and still have a decent holiday in between all the travelling.

I started looking at flights and it’s actually not that expensive, to be fair. You can get from Heathrow to Auckland for £700 return with a layover in San Francisco, which isn’t bad. There’s actually a flight for £440 but it’s got a 16 hour layover in Shanghai. That sounds terrible but when I thought about it, it would give me a chance to explore Shanghai, which is something I’ll probably never have the chance to do again. I could do San Francisco any time, really.

So I’m definitely going to New Zealand, but I’m just figuring out how I get there at the moment. I’m not against the idea of a long layover if it gives me the chance to explore somewhere new.

I’m also very not against the idea of going to New Zealand. I told Jim that I was going to come visit him and he said he’s now more excited about the trip than he’s ever been. And I am too. There are so many things I want to do there, and I never thought I’d get the opportunity to go. I’m also sure that my Dad is going to be very jealous because he’s always wanted to go too.

It’s an impulse decision, and it probably means I’m not going to be buying a house any time soon, but I’m kind of okay with that because I get to go to New Zealand for three weeks.

Until tomorrow, I better start learning the language.


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