October 31st 2019

Today was a pretty standard day. I drove to work, made some coffee, did some work, made some coffee, did some work, played with a yoyo for a bit then went home. There’s nothing too interesting to report on today, I just wanted to mention the coffee so I had an excuse to share a very on-brand photo.

Coffee? Good. Cake? Good. It was one of the girls’ birthday so she brought in some lemon drizzle cake, which went well with the coffee. And no, I didn’t dunk the cake in the coffee, I’m not a monster. Speaking of that, though, I made one of the guys a coffee the other day and he put Cheerios in it. That’s monstrous. I haven’t made him a coffee again since, and do you blame me?

Until tomorrow, it was a Thursday, what else can I say?


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