November 29th 2019 Today I passed my references and I’ll be moved into my new flat within two weeks. That’s not bad going considering I started looking for places on Monday. It feels good to be somewhat spontaneous after a year of stagnasis (didn’t expect that to be a word but it was) I realised that it’s been over a year since I moved back in with my parents, and it was never supposed to last that long. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, and then I almost moved to London, which delayed me leaving home, and then … Continue reading Stagnasis


November 28th 2019 Today, after viewing 9 places in three days, and 5 today alone, I found the flat I’m going to move into. If all goes well, I could move in 10 days time. I currently don’t have any stuff to move in, so I doubt that moving in will take me very long. We viewed five properties today, the first of the day being the one that we ended up preferring. I had nothing against any of the first three, and it could’ve been any of them, but after we saw the first one it seemed to be … Continue reading Place


November 27th 2019 Today I took a step closer to finding a new place to live. I’ve viewed a property every night so far this week, and tonight I viewed one for the second time. Well, I was twenty minutes late to the viewing because I got stuck in a crisis (one I probably blew out of proportion) at work. I’m looking at moving in with a friend, Spence (not his real name, but that is what we call him), that I used to work with. He’s just got a job in Cheltenham (where we’re moving) and I mentioned that … Continue reading Property


November 26th 2019 Today, at 10:44am, my sister gave birth to a baby girl. For a while it looked like it was going to be yesterday, but she was in overnight and so the baby didn’t arrive until this morning. At the moment, they’re undecided on a name, so for now she’s just Baby A. Until this point I’ve not mentioned Genine’s pregnancy on this blog, because it didn’t feel like my story to tell, and I was silently pretty anxious about the whole thing. But the baby is here now, and she’s beautiful, and healthy, and Genine is okay … Continue reading A


November 23rd 2019 Today it was my friend Harry’s last day at work. I’m gonna miss him because he was one of my closest friends at work, but also because he gave a shit. And that’s a rare trait. He’s a front-end web developer, and he’s the most competent one we’ve had in my three years at the company. And we’ve had a few. And not only is he good because he’s technically proficient, but he’s good because he knows what’s required and works with you to find the answer, rather than having to have a completely prescribed brief in … Continue reading Harry