November 2nd 2019

Today I spent the day in Oxford for Jim’s sending off party. He’s going to New Zealand for three months (or maybe a year) and we all went on a day sesh to see him off. We started drinking at 9am because it was the Rugby World Cup final, but the less said about that the better.

Then we got a train to Oxford and crawled around as many pubs as we could while on our way to Junkyard Golf.

Naturally, I left Junkyard Golf victorious, though only by a decent performance on the last hole. After the golf, we stuck around for cocktails. And then cocktails too.

Later, we headed to Cinnamon for dinner even though it was 5pm.

Dinner was good, if not slightly early. It had been a long day, though.

Then we headed to some more bars, including Varsity, the rooftop bar, where we watched some fireworks and looked all cute as we did so:

Until tomorrow, safe travels, Jim.


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