November 3rd 2019

Today I marathoned an entire series of a Netflix show. For some reason I woke up ridiculously early even though I’d been drinking last night — plus my body clock is still on BST since the clocks went back — and I had a lot of time to kill before I went out at 2pm.

So I watched a ten-episode season of Atypical in a morning/afternoon. It was a throwback to my Uni days where I binged all of Breaking Bad in a fortnight. Life was simpler back then. It’s not so simple any more.

As well as being hungover I was also feeling super vulnerable, so I was glad to eventually get out of the house, rather than just sit in it and stew the entire day. I was even invited to go for a run, or, as my mate described it, “an endorphin chase”, which made it sound much more exciting than it was. Though had I already not made other plans, I would’ve gone.

I’ve been doing really well the past month or so, and really enjoying life, so I should strive to keep that positivity up, and not let it get swallowed.

Until tomorrow, chase the endorphins.


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