November 4th 2019

Today I’ve sprained my ankle pretty bad so I’m healing it with the tried and trusted RIEB method. If you’ve not heard of it, it stands for: Rest, Ice, Elevation, Bacon.

I was playing football and sprinted back to block a shot. I blocked the shot, but my ankle bore the brunt as my foot, the ball, and the other guy’s foot made a kind of ball sandwich. The sandwich was then dropped onto the ground and stamped on, in an attempt to further expand the metaphor.

My match was done at that point, and I had to be driven home in my own car because I didn’t fancy my chances at clutch control and accelerating with the same foot.

I got home, asked my Doctor Sister to check my ankle (she says it’s just a sprain, my Dad says I’m just a baby). I rested my foot on one of those thingies, iced it up with, well, ice, elevated it on one of those thingies also, and then Mum made me bacon.

It’s a tried and trusted four-step plan to recovery, and I’m hoping it’s a quick one, because I need to drive to be able work tomorrow because I have a lot to do.

Until tomorrow, I may need some more bacon.


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