November 5th 2019

Today I had to work from home because my foot is swollen up like an elephant’s kankle and elephants can’t drive manual cars. I don’t know if elephants can drive automatic cars, because I’ve never asked.

I had a shitload of work to get done today, and I’m usually less productive when working from home because I don’t have the three monitors that I’m used to, or the barista-grade coffee machines (so says the Careers page of our corporate website). I was tempted to get a taxi into work, but it’s an hour away and my boss said I wasn’t allowed to put a taxi on expenses, so I scrapped that idea. I just sat at the dining table, put in some headphones, blasted some Metallica (a new find for me) and powered through.

I got everything I needed to done, and felt pretty good about it. Big credit goes to Metallica, and their debut, Kill em All, as apparently heavy metal music makes it easier for me to concentrate, who knew? And also shoutout to Harry for the album recommendation.

Although I had a successful day working from home, I really hope that I can make it into work tomorrow. I missed being in the office, and also I accidentally squirted egg yolk on my laptop today while eating breakfast and that wouldn’t have happened in the office. Probably.

Until tomorrow, please let the swelling go down.


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